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We have created the Temples In Bangkok Web site as a place to share some of our information and resources about getting around, visiting, where to go, and what you can see in the some of the many Buddhist Temples in and around Bangkok.  At our “About Us” page, you can find some of our experiences and personal information which has enabled us to build this site.

What we wish to accomplish with Temples In Bangkok is to present a continuing set of informative articles on what we have found to be of help for anyone with an interest in exploring Buddhist Temples in Bangkok, Thailand.  We will be offering information, help, and possibly suggest some resources to help with whatever your level of interest is.

Temples In Bangkok and You

By your being at our site, we can assume that you have some degree of interest in learning more about Bangkok’s Temples.  Quite often it can be very difficult finding the right source for the information you want/need.  With that said, we’ll be trying to make this a great learning experience and provide you with information of value to your needs.  Here at Temples In Bangkok we’ll be posting articles and information that is easy to understand and clearly presented.

Temples In Bangkok – Articles

We have prepared a series of articles and will continue to prepare articles on more of the Buddhist Temples that can be found in Bangkok.  Those articles will be published as often as they are completed and properly edited, so we encourage you to check back regularly to view our newest additions.  We currently have a set of articles to publish which are listed below.  To read any of these, just click on the title below.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of the Gold Buddha

Temple of Dawn

Marble Temple

The Gold Mount

Many More . . .

Temples In Bangkok – Conclusion

This Web site is going to be an ongoing project with articles, information, and resources being added as they become available.  Also, if there is something special you’d like us to cover, please ”Contact” us with your requests.  And finally, don’t forget to bookmark our Web site so you’ll easily find us next time!

The Gold Buddha

Wat Trimitr, Temple of the Gold Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Trimitr – The Gold Buddha

Wat Trimitr is the temple which The Gold Buddha now calls home.  We originally published a shorter article about Wat Trimitr, but we have now released a more informative article covering more of the story behind this Buddha image.  To read the new article, simply click on Gold Buddha.

Buddha Shop


The Buddha Shop Is Open

In the past we had promised to pass on some of the treasures we’ve found while traveling around Thailand and visiting the many temples located there.  Well, we have finally put together a collection of some of our findings and are now offering them here at what we are calling “The Buddha Shop“.  The shop has various amulets, many different Buddha images, and then a miscellaneous category to cover some of our other finds.

All of these amulets and Buddha images have actually been blessed by the monks at the temples where we found these, including Wat Phra Keao, Wat Pho, Wat Ratchanaddaram and other temples.

Wat Pho History


History of The Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Known to the Thai’s as Wat Pho, this article is talking more about the history of the temple.  This is the temple where the famous Temple Rubbings were originally created.  To read the history of the temple, click on Wat Pho and you’ll see the entire article.

Erawan Shrine

Brahma Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

Brahma Erawan Shrine

Located at a key street intersection and BTS station, the Erawan Shrine is one of the most popular shrines in Bangkok.  Be sure to make time for a quick visit where you can see the shrine and a very good example of classical Thai dancing as part of the local worshipers prayers.  Read our entire article at Brahma Erawan Shrine.

Wat Khaek Silom

Wat Sri Maha Uma Devi

Wat Sri Maha Uma Devi

(Wat Khaek Silom) Bangkok

We’ve recently added an article about one of the lesser known temples that can be found in Bangkok.  Know by locals as Wat Sri Maha Uma Devi, or to the tourists as Wat Khaek Silom because of it’s location on Silom Road, this is a temple to visit when you have a little extra time for exploring.  Read our full article by clicking on Wat Khaek Silom.

Wat Chana Songkhram Article

Wat Chana Songkhram

Wat Chana Songkhram

This is a lesser visited temple in Bangkok, but if you have some free time you may want to have a look!  The full article is at Wat Chana Songkhram.

Wat Khaek Silom Article

Wat Khaek Silom

Wat Sri Maha Uma Devi

Also known as Wat Khaek Silom, this can be an interesting stop if you find yourself on Silom Road.  Checkout the full article at Wat Khaek Silom.

City Pillar Shrine Article

The City Pillar Shrine

The City Pillar Shrine

We’ve added an article on The City Pillar Shrine.  If you’re around The Temple of the Emerald Buddha you can easily stop by for a look at this one.  The full article is at The City Pillar Shrine.

Wat Rakhang Khositaram Article

Wat Rakhang Khonsitaram, Bangkok,Thailand

Wat Rakhang Khositaram

Also known as The Temple of the Bells, this can be another great place tocheck out if you have some free time during your stay in Bangkok.  To read more,click Wat Rakhang Khositaram.

Wat Phra Si Mahathat Article

Wat Phra Si Mahathat

Wat Phra Si Mahathat

This is another of the fine temples that can be found in Bangkok.  To read the full article, click on Wat Phra Si Mahathat.

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